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Alopa Herbals
Alopa Herbals
Alopa Herbals
Alopa Herbals
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Ayurveda & Herbal

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word, derived from Ayur, which means life, and Veda, knowledge. Knowledge arranged systematically with logic becomes science. During the due course of time, Ayurveda became the science of life. It has it's roots in ancient vedic literature and encompasses our entire life - the body, mind and spirit.

Ayurveda is a holistic system of healing which evolved among the sages of ancient India some 3000-5000 years ago. There are several aspects of this system of medicine which distinguish it from other approaches to health care:

It focuses on establishing and maintaining balance of the life energies within us, rather than focusing on individual symptoms. It recognizes the unique constitutional differences of all individuals and therefore recommends different regimens for different types of people. Although two people may appear to have the same outward symptoms, their energetic constitutions may be very different and therefore call for very different remedies.

Ayurveda is a complete medical system which recognizes that ultimately all intelligence and wisdom flows from one Absolute source (Paramatma). Health manifests by the grace of the Absolute acting through the laws of Nature (Prakriti). Ayurveda assists Nature by promoting harmony between the individual and Nature by living a life of balance according to her laws.

Ayurveda describes three fundamental universal energies which regulate all natural processes on both the macrocosmic and microcosmic levels. That is, the same energies which produce effects in the various galaxies and star systems are operating at the level of the human physiology--in your own physiology. These three universal energies are known as the Tridosha.

Finally, the ancient Ayurvedic physicians realized the need for preserving the alliance of the mind and body and offers mankind tools for remembering and nurturing the subtler aspects of our humanity. Ayurveda seeks to heal the fragmentation and disorder of the mind-body complex and restore wholeness and harmony to all people.

Scope Of Ayurvedic Medicine

Classically, Ayurvedic Medicine was conceptualized and practiced as eight major clinical subspecialties of medicine in addition to numerous adjunctive specialties. The eight major subspecialties continue to be taught today and they include:

  1. Internal Medicine (Kayachikitsa)
  2. General Surgery (Shalya Tantra)
  3. Otorhinolaryngology (Shalakya)
  4. Pediatrics and Obstetric/Gynecology (Kaumarabhrtya)
  5. Psychiatry (Bhutavidya)
  6. Toxicology (Agada Tantra)
  7. Nutrition, Detoxification and Rejuvenation (Rasayana Tantra)
  8. Fertility and Virility (Vajikarana)

For every disease, there is information about: definition, etiology, prodrome, clinical symptoms, pathophysiology, and prognosis, principles of treatment, medicines, diet, lifestyle recommendations, and even etymology. This approach is strikingly similar to that of modern medicine and even more comprehensive.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure for prevent any disease. Indian Herbal proprietary food supplement.

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