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A new herbo-mineral drug, Evatone, recently developed by a Bangalore-based herbal pharmaceutical company may help extend pregnancy among women who are likely to deliver prematurely (pre-term labour).

The clinical trial was conducted by a team of senior gynaecologists based in Mysore, which incude Dr S Kamalamma and Dr Harini Kantharaj. “The drug has shown promising results as a tocolytic agent in idiopathic pre-term labour cases,” Dr Kamalamma informed Express Pharma Pulse.

If further studies validate its efficacy, the drug will be a boon to millions of women and new borns as the existing tocolytic agents like sympathomimetics eg., ritordine, calcium channel blockers and magnesium sulphate having a number of side-effects can be done away with.

‘‘Most of the other tocolytics have their own harmful side-effects and administration which requires close monitoring in a well equipped place. The result of our study indicates that Evatone suppresses the uterine contractions, which is rever-sible. It does not have any harmful side-effects and does not require close monitoring like other tocolytic agents’’, Dr Kamalamma said.